December 3, 2023
The Best Best Sex Positions

Limited and stereotyped positions during sex are one of the factors that contribute to bland and uninteresting sex. If you want to be a better sex performer, you should never stop learning new sex techniques, including how to have the best sex positions. Many excellent sex techniques can be learned and practiced; however, you should start with a few of the most effective sex positions to get started.

Make sure you’re not just twisting and turning your girl like a rag doll. You should understand what she wants and make her climax in sex because you are not the only one who wants a hot and wonderful sex experience.

Consider the following positions, which can satisfy both men and women while also providing a toe curl orgasm.

Best Sex Position 1 – Missionary with Extraordinary Skills:

This is a standard sex position, but you should make it more interesting. Allow her to lie down while you cover her with your body. Instead of the more traditional style, have her leg utterly open in the air. Do not hold her legs while punching her; instead, let them swing freely. She will be able to move more freely on her hip. As a result, she was making the penetration more exciting.

desirable sex position

The second most desirable sex position is lying face down.

Allow her to lie on her stomach with her face down. Allow her to raise her buttocks without spreading her legs. He’s on top, and he’s infiltrating from behind. This is not ideal for those who are not physically attractive. Nonetheless, many others will benefit because the friction created while penetrating will be greater. After all, the leg is closed, which leads to increased sexual arousal.

Doggy style is the third-best sex position.

This has been demonstrated to be the most effective sex position for a couple, especially for men. This allows for deep penetration, and, perhaps most importantly, it is the “instinctual best sex position” found in most species on the planet. You two can exercise together to keep the guy from becoming overly tired during the workout.

In that case, here are three simple but effective sex positions that will send both of you into an orgasmic frenzy tonight. Now is the time to act and watch the results. If you genuinely want to learn the secrets of better sex, you must now take the necessary steps to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment.